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Barbie Cyphers

Barbie Cyphers

Portfolio Trader

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At Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers, we aim to provide an excellent client experience. One of the processes to achieve this is having the position of Portfolio Trader. In this role, Barbie handles executing investment trades the Advisors recommend to clients and ensures accounts are rebalanced appropriately.

Before joining Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers, Barbie worked at a CPA firm where she was a Staff Accountant working with multiple clients' bookkeeping and processing tax returns. Before that, she started and operated a Chiropractic clinic with her husband, Dr Michael Cyphers, for 20 + years while homeschooling their three children. She has also worked in the banking/finance industry, doing mortgage lending, insurance sales, and retail financing. She holds a degree from the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Barbie lives in Mansfield, Ohio, with her husband, Michael, and youngest son, Landin. They have three children and one daughter-in-law and attend Crossroads Church. She enjoys doing the stat book for her son’s soccer and basketball teams and cheering him on at whichever sport he plays that season: soccer, cross country, basketball, and track. She enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with family in her spare time.

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