Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching is all about helping you become better with your finances. In a world where most financial advisors have a minimum investment size finding someone who can help you deal with the burdens of debt, help you achieve money goals outside of investing or just help you improve your marriage because as we know money fights and issues are one of the major causes of divorce in America, financial coaching is here to help! Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers Mission states that we, "strive to have the heart of a teacher so that we can empower and equip people with the knowledge and tools they need to be able to achieve their goals and feel confident about their financial future. We do this by providing integrity-based financial planning and investment advisory services that are tailored to the specific needs, goals, and values of each client." Hence, to further this mission, we launched Whitaker-Myers Financial Coaching to help those individuals and families that had no investable assets but wanted to improve their lives financially and holistically. 


What can a Financial Coach do for you?

  • Achieve your goals of saving money and getting out of debt. 
  • Show you ways to spend less and save more 
  • Pay off debt in an organized, tailored plan 
  • Help you feel more comfortable and confident with money management 
  • Apply Financial Peace University / Dave Ramsey principles to your unique situation

How do we do this?

  • Through one-on-one coaching sessions 
    • In person, via video conferences, over the phone, or through our all-digital text messaging coaching service.


What are the benefits of a Financial Coach with Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers?

  • A Certified Ramsey Solutions Master Coach: Lindsey Curry
    • Additionally two of our Financial Advisors have their Ramsey Solutions Master Coach Designation: Amanda Sharratt and Logan Doup.
  • Aggregated data of live, up-to-date budgets to see average costs spending to help you plan better 
  • A secure way to upload documents so your coach can view them and make recommendations in a timely manner
  • A personalized debt snowball so you can see the best ways to attack your debt
  • A personalized Financial Website that allows you to see where your possible projected retirement could look like once out of debt
  • A team of SmartVestor Pros ready to help you save and plan for retirement when you get to Baby Step 4. 


How do I schedule my appointment today?


What are my coaching options?

  • In-person or WebEx coaching sessions (usually about 45 - 60 minutes) 
    • $99 per month - when you sign up for a 3-month subscription - saves you $10 per month 
    • $109 per month - month-by-month payments 
  • Text or emailed coaching sessions (responses back within 48 hours) 
    • $49 per month - when you sign up for a 3-month subscription - saves you $10 per month 
    • $59 per month - month-by-month payments 
  • Consulting for one-time specific personal finance scenario(s)

    • $109 hourly rate