Corporate Services

As a business owner, your employees are important to you. They help drive the mission and vision of your company. The more financially secure your employees are, the more focused and attentive they will be. Being able to offer a retirement plan can be an extremely important ingredient in attracting and retaining employees, while providing them with the long-term savings that allows them to sleep at night, knowing that they’re building a more secure future.

However, along with the joy of providing them with such an incredible benefit comes the responsibility for evaluating and managing the investment decisions for the plan’s assets. It’s important, that as the owner of an organization you protect yourself by following stringent fiduciary standards of objectivity. You need help providing oversight and monitoring the assets allocation, investment products and portfolio construction, while at the same time ensuring fees are in line with industry standards and eliminating unnecessary costs.

Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers provides your business a one stop shop for your organizations retirement plan and investment needs. Through a strategic partnership with our sister organization Whitaker-Myers Benefits Plans, we can also provide your firm a single organization to bring together retirement, health & group benefits.

Our Corporate Services Include:

Retirement Plan Selection

There are many options for a business to consider when providing a company retirement plan. Should I select a SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA or 401(k) Plan? Should I utilize a Solo 401(k) Plan? Amongst the many 401(k) providers out there, which is the most cost effective for me? As an independent fiduciary RIA, you can rest assured that Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers will help you find the 401(k) provider that provides the highest level of service, at a reasonable cost with a completely open architecture investment platform.


Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is the flagship product of Dave Ramsey and his team for almost 30 years. Nearly 6 million people have gone through the nine lessons and learned the proven plan to pay off debt, save for emergencies and build wealth. In the first 90 days, the average person pays off $5,300 of debt and saves $2,700 for emergencies. Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers believes that Financial Peace University is the first step towards your employees becoming better with money. Many employees just need someone to teach them how to budget, create a plan to pay off debt and build wealth. Who better, than America’s leading voice on money, Dave Ramsey? When managing a retirement plan, we act as your FPU coordinator, leading the class at your organization and helping to ensure that employees are getting the most out of this benefit. We promise, if your employees follow the plan, it works!


Health Savings Account

Firms with a high deductible health insurance product have the ability to provide their employees with a Health Savings Account, which can help employees achieve triple tax savings when paying their medical expenses. For those employees, that continue to roll over their HSA balances each year, Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers provides an investment enabled HSA product, with no minimum balance. When offering this through a group plan, certain cost savings can be realized.


Corporate Investment Services

Should your company have excess cash on their balance sheet, the advisors at Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers can discuss an investment strategy that could make sense for your firm. Our goal is to share our knowledge and strategic-planning capabilities to help optimize liquidity and yield for your firms short term and long term investment needs.

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