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Amanda Gerardino

Amanda Gerardino

Client Relationship Manager

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At Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers, Amanda serves each client by assisting the Financial Advisors. As a Client Relationship Manager, Amanda is passionate about putting clients first and helping them to have an excellent client experience.

Before joining Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers, Amanda worked with the government of Florida as well as a nonprofit. She is passionate about living life by conviction, which led her to work with a bible college and organize events such as the National Conference with Ligonier Ministries. Amanda obtained her Psychology at the University of South Florida and taught sign language to preschoolers.

Seeing the mission of Whitaker-Myers as a client drew her to work here. Growing up, she heard about Dave Ramsey and lived out those principles to put herself through college and paid off student loans, working 60 – 80 hours a week for a year. Following the baby steps gave her so much freedom that she cheered her friends on and encouraged them to be debt-free.

Amanda is the oldest of seven siblings and enjoys photography, hikes, and crafts. She loves to make sourdough recipes, live holistically, and organize feasts around the table with friends.

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