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Dave Ramsey's Local Smartvestor Pro's

Dave Ramsey is one of America’s most listened-to syndicated radio show hosts, a motivational speaker, author and personal finance expert. Like Dave Ramsey, we believe in living more and worrying less. That’s why we’re in the business of helping people who want to take control of their finances and plan for the future. Since 2015 we have been Endorsed Local Providers of Dave Ramsey. Our team's focus is on helping our clients live their lives debt-free and financially independent. You can find out more about Dave Ramsey Smartvestor program here.


JM-Financial Coaching, Dave Ramsey Trained Preferred Coach

Joe Mains is a Dave Ramsey Trained Preferred Coach serving our area. Joe helps to transform your life and your money. You have the power to confidently make decisions and eliminate current stress and anxiety. You can take control of your money and your life. This professional coaching is designed specifically for your needs. It is one-to-one and action-oriented to build the habits and behaviors which are going to lead to achieving your financial goals. You can find out more about Joe and his coaching services here. You can schedule a free, no-obligation discover session here.


Whitaker-Myers Insurance Agency

In 1869 and 1870, two firms were founded in Wooster, Ohio - the W.G. Whitaker Agency (initially the Fullerton Agency until 1891) and the W.C. Myers Agency. Both began building solid reputations based on the trust of their clients. The Whitaker Agency and Myers Agency merged in 1970 to form what is still known today as Whitaker-Myers. Over the years, Whitaker-Myers Group has grown to become one of Ohio's outstanding, respected privately-owned independent insurance agencies. Our clients range from homeowners and small businesses to well-known area, regional and national organizations. We're in a growth mode and while others around us are being acquired by larger agencies or banks, we are welcoming new clients and acquiring other agencies. The bold plan to move forward fortifies our balance sheet and our independent position and secures the future for both our employees and our clients. As an independent agency we are the exact type of firm nationally syndicated radio host and New York Times Best Seller, Dave Ramsey recommends. To find out more about Whitaker-Myers Insurance Agency please click here.



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