What is Ramsey+?

What is Ramsey+?
What is Ramsey+?

If you follow Dave Ramsey’s principals, then I’m sure you know how important budgeting is! EveryDollar is Ramsey Solutions’ budgeting tool that can be used on your desktop or via an app on your phone. They have a free version as well as a paid version. The paid version links to your bank account to make it easier to register your transactions. The paid version used to be called EveryDollar Plus but has been updated to Ramsey+ and includes even more features.

Ramsey+ Features

Ramsey+ is a subscription that gives you access to 3 categories of tools & resources from Dave Ramsey and his team:

  • Learn (Financial Peace)
  • Budget (EveryDollar)
  • Track (Baby Steps)

Learn: Financial Peace

The “Learn” side of Ramsey+ is Financial Peace, PLUS other courses and videos from Ramsey Solutions. As someone who has coordinated Financial Peace University classes for over 6 years now, I think this is a really nice feature because I know that staying connected to the education and inspiration is key to winning with money. In almost all of my classes, the members were sad when the class ended because they were afraid that they would lose their motivation. My advice has always been to plug into Dave Ramsey (and his team’s) content… whether it is a podcast or YouTube video, it will keep you inspired and motivated. Having these classes in the Ramsey+ subscription will make that even easier!

Budget: EveryDollar

Dave Ramsey always talks about budgeting “every dollar” before the month even begins. This is the most important step in managing your money because without a budget it is hard to know where your money is going. The other thing that is really important is tracking your spending so that you know whether you are following the budget or not. When I was a Financial Coach, I would always tell my clients that “the budget is just a wish if you make a plan but don’t follow it.”

EveryDollar connects to your bank account to allow you to track your transactions easily. It will also give you insight on your spending as well as budgeting advice.

Track: Baby Steps

The NEW Baby Steps tracker from Ramsey Solutions allows you to track your progress along the baby steps. It asks you what step you are on when you sign up and then helps you track that step and also lets you know what is next. If you are on Baby Step 2, it will also help you discover your estimated Debt-Free date with a debt snowball calculator!


Ramsey+ is a yearly subscription that you can cancel at any time. If you were to ever decide to cancel, you can still use the free version of EveryDollar that does not connect to your bank account. If you are interested in checking it out, you can find out more about it on Dave Ramsey’s website and they are offering a 14-Day Free trial.



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