The Value of Financial Coaching

You too can create good habits, learn new behaviors, develop effective skills, and make decisions with confidence wherever you might find yourself today. As your coach, we will work together, tailor plans, and I will help you to realize your life and money dreams. I want you to feel comfortable and confident about your life and your money.  My wife and I have personally walked these steps during the past 30+ years.  We spent ½ of our marriage doing things the wrong way before spending the second ½ doing them the right way.  I will help you to go further faster because I have been there and can show you the way.  So, where do you find yourself today?  See how I can help you to navigate every step of your journey.

Let Us Begin to Take These Baby Steps Together

Step # 1: Save a Beginner Emergency Fund   The first and sometimes the hardest baby step is saving your beginner emergency fund.  We are going to create an effective spending plan, give every dollar a purpose, and save an emergency fund.  As your coach, you can trust me to help you with a personalized strategy to do so.  And, doing so makes all the difference.  You will receive judgment-free personalized attention, compassion, love, and support from me as your coach.   

Step # 2:  Eliminate Debt   How will it feel when you are completely debt-free of all non-mortgage debt?  Leveraging the skills and strategy from step # 1, we are going to attack the debt with high intensity to get it out of your life once and for all.  As your coach, I show you the way with milestones and celebration to help to motivate you to keep going and realize success.  I walk with you during your journey and help you with the habits, skills, and behaviors to get it done. 

Step # 3:  Save Your Emergency Fund   Great job completing steps # 1 and # 2.  Now, we are having fun, saving money, and building security for yourself and your family.  You now have the skills necessary to realize success and during this baby step, you are going to save either a 3-month or 6-month emergency fund.  As your coach, I am going to help you determine how much to save, why, and where to put it.  This is an essential part of your overall financial plan. 

Step # 4:  Invest for Retirement    We are going to partner with an excellent financial advisor to invest your hard-earned resources to create financial freedom.  As your coach, I am going to help you to design a plan, outline questions to ask, and help you to select an advisor who is going to represent you and your interests well.  We are also going to outline together the amount that you may want to save to realize the retirement of your dreams and why. 

Step # 5:  Save for College Education   Take a moment and think about the joy and blessing of contributing to your child’s college education.  We are going to leverage the partnership with the excellent financial advisor from step # 5 to optimally invest your college funds for your child.  We are also going to talk about options, experiences, and how my wife and I paid cash for three children to graduate from college debt-free. 

Step # 6:  Pay off Your Mortgage    And, for the Coup de Grâce, get debt out of your life once and for all.  You too can pay off your home mortgage!  As your coach, I am going to show you how to achieve the ultimate in debt freedom by paying off your home too! 

Step # 7:  Live and Give Like No One Else   So, why do we want to rid ourselves of debt, build savings, save for a comfortable retirement, help our child with college, and completely payoff our home?  To build God’s Kingdom.  We have an opportunity to live and give like no one else.  As your coach, I am going to offer ideas and help you to build relationships within your household and within your community.  The most fun you will ever have with money is to bless others. 

Let us get started with a no-obligation introductory session.  We will meet each other, review possibilities, and you decide if coaching is the right path for you and your family.  You can schedule a time and date convenient for you at

Author: Joe Mains, Financial Coach, JM-Financial Coaching

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