There Is Hope: The Coronavirus & Your Money

We know that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted all of us and yet the level of impact can vary depending on your specific circumstances. 

If your income is changing due to everything that is going on, we know that can be stressful. We also know that just as fear is contagious, so is hope and joy.

It can be hard to feel hope & joy when you are stressed about money but we are here to help!

There Is Hope: The Coronavirus & Your Money

As one of Dave Ramsey’s Smartvestor Pros, we are passionate about helping others with their money goals. That has always been a passion of ours and we know it is more important now than ever before.

If you are working Dave Ramsey’s baby steps and are in Baby Step 2 (paying off all your debt except for you home) and are concerned that you may lose your job, press “pause” on the baby steps. Meaning, pay minimum payments on everything and put the money you would normally send to debt, in your emergency fund. This is to build up money in case you do lose your job. Then, when you get through this, you will press “play” and take the money you saved and pay it on your debt.

Another thing you might want to do is look at your budget and cut out everything that is not essential. This is not forever, just until you make it through this storm.

If you did lose your job and don’t have enough to pay all of your bills, make sure you are cover what Dave Ramsey calls “the 4 walls” first. That is Food, Shelter, Transportation, Utilities, (and basic clothing). These are the things that are the most important for you and your family to make sure you cover before paying for anything else.

You will also have to look for a job to start bringing in income. This might not be your dream job, but it will be something to help you through this tough time. Ken Coleman, one of the Ramsey personalities, has a list of companies that are hiring right now on his Instagram page. You can view that here.

Other Resources To Help…

Ramsey Solutions is dedicated to helping people with their life and their money and they have really taken that commitment to a new level during this time.

Below is a replay of the Livestream that Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Ken Coleman did entitled "A Message Of Hope"



Also, at you can find a bunch of other resources including…

  • A 14 Day FREE Trial of Financial Peace University. If you have never taken this class and are stressed about money, this is a perfect time to get this information for FREE for the first 14 days!
  • Dave Ramsey’s audiobook, The Total Money Makeover, is $1.99. This book lays out Dave’s proven plan for money including the 7 Baby Steps!
  • Ken Coleman’s book on careers entitled “The Proximity Principle” is also $1.99.

There are other resources, and you can see them all listed on


If you have any questions specific to your retirement plans, investments, or any other money questions, please feel free to reach out to one of the Financial Planners on our team. You can meet our team and contact us here:


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