New Ramsey Personality: Jade Warshaw

Guess what, everyone! Ramsey Solutions has a new personality that you may have heard on the air during her formal introduction on December 6th, 2022, during hour number one. Our Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers team was in the Ramsey Solutions Headquarters on Monday, December 5th, 2022, and got the low down on Jade and her incredible story. It’s pretty remarkable, and we think you’ll love her personality and life experiences. She, like Dave, has done the HARD work to succeed and will now use that experience to help you win in life and with money.

How often have we heard Dave tell us not to let our kids go into massive amounts of student loan debt for left-handed puppetry? We laugh because of how ridiculous that degree is, but there are many more “normal” degrees that could potentially have a high cost and low payout in terms of income. Therefore, obtaining those degrees with debt will be a lifetime of struggle unless you get gazelle intense. That is Jade’s story. She and her husband, Sam, graduated college with $460,000 worth of consumer loan debt, credit card debt, and student loans. Approximately $280,000 of that debt was from student loans! With an average rate of 5.00% on a 20-year repayment plan, that monthly payment would be $1,847.88, and her first-year income was only $30,000, which was only $2,500 per month. 

There was no plan and little hope, but with a twist of fate, Jade heard the Dave Ramsey Show in her brother's car. As she describes it, Dave was “calling someone stupid and kicking their butt”; however that was the plan and motivation that she and Sam needed to get out of debt. They got married one week after graduation and immediately got serious about the Baby Steps plan.

Whitaker-Myers Financial Coach Lindsey Curry will tell you that change doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t expect some significant momentous change in your financial situation right away. It’ll take time, but the diligent prosper. Proverbs 10:4 (ESV) says, “A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” That is precisely what happened to the Warshaw family. As mentioned above, their first job only paid them $30,000 in the music industry. Still, they continued to hustle and grind, picking up as many odd jobs in and out of their industry as they could find, such as music lessons, baking cupcakes (yep, it’s sometimes that easy), and Jade even described a job she got in a tint and vinyl car shop.

Their work was not in vain because, after 7 ½ years, they paid off all their debt. WE’RE DEBT FREE!!!!! Jade harkens back to her days growing up when the common phrase in her home was, “we can’t do that because we ain’t got no money!” She vowed never to use that phrase in her vernacular again. What a success story. Just like the Everyday Millionaire Study, where we learned millionaires don’t come from money. They come from teachers, factory workers, engineers, and people that keep themselves out of debt and are consistent with their savings. Consistent through imperfect markets, consistent through periods where they don’t feel like it, and consistent like the toirtoise because they want to change their family tree. The Warshaw family tree is changed. $460,000 changed and a lot more, I am sure, as they live and give like no one else. Praise the Lord!

Jade’s primary responsibility at Ramsey Solutions will be Baby Step 2. She spent 7 ½ years there, so she is uniquely qualified to motivate you through that step. She knows how to get you through the debt payoff journey, and once you graduate Baby Step 2, you’ll join her new club she has coined the “Six Figures Freedom Club.” The club is for those that shed more than six figures worth of debt. I’m going to go out on a limb here and put Amanda Sharratt, our exceptional Chief Operations Officer in this club, because years ago, she and her husband Jason worked themselves through a large amount of debt to become a motivation to many of us at Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers.

Jade will co-host the Ramsey Show on many afternoons throughout the week. This Spring (2023), there will be many live events across the country titled “Building Wealth” that you’ll be able to see and hear her speak at. Before her work at Ramsey Solutions, she and her husband ran the More Feast, Less Famine Blog, where she brought together two of her favorite topics: money and food!

At Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers, we believe in the Baby Steps. We believe in their Biblical wisdom, and we are excited to watch Jade continue to drive that message forward. Let’s all continue to live and give like no one else!

Author: John-Mark Young