How to Host on a Budget

How To Host On A Budget
How To Host On A Budget

It's the holiday season and chances are, you will either be hosting or attending quite a few dinners! 

If you are hosting and are looking for a few ways to save a little money, this post is for you!

8 Ways to Host on a Budget

  1. Consider buying inexpensive serving dishes and tablecloths. If you are in need of some extra tablecloths and serving dishes, don't be afraid to check out the dollar stores. Sometimes you can find great items there at great prices. 
  2. Buy Fresh Flowers from the Grocery Store. Many times, your local grocery store will have fresh flowers at really reasonable prices. If you buy the dollar store tablecloths and then jazz up the table with fresh flowers, you’ll be set!
  3. Ask everyone to bring a dish. If your guests ask what they can bring, don't be afraid to give them a few ideas off of the menu you have planned. People want to help and feel like they contributed and it will help you save money and time as well! 
  4. Set a budget. You knew I had to go here, right?! Setting a budget for how much you are going to spend will help you to be sure you aren’t overspending. Include everything you need for the party in the budget. That would include everything from silverware, to food, drinks, desserts, decorations, etc!
  5. Remember that store and brand choices matter. When you head out to shop, be sure to choose a store that has great prices. Also, being mindful of brand choices will help you save money. I know some people are brand loyal and truth be told… I used to be. But once I discovered how much it saves to buy off-brands… I haven’t looked back. And honestly, I can’t really tell a difference in taste!
  6. Keep appetizers simple. If you decide to serve appetizers, keep them simple. A vegetable tray, or a tray of crackers and cheese, or bread and oil are all great options!
  7. Go simple on the drinks. There is nothing wrong with keeping drinks simple! Here are a few ideas to keep the drinks inexpensive and still have fun with them. 
    1. Serve coffee and buy seasonal coffee flavors and/or seasonal coffee creamers.
    2. Serve hot chocolate and marshmallows for the kiddos (and adults too!)
    3. Get seasonally flavored teas and serve them either hot or iced or both.
    4. Make Homemade Punch.
  8. Eat the left overs. Okay, this doesn’t help you save money on the dinner you are hosting but it does help you save on that week’s grocery bill! I know eating the same exact meal day after day can get boring, so mix it up! We will turn the turkey into a soup, eat it on sandwiches, or put it on a salad. This helps you be frugal by stretching the dollars of the one meal into a couple more and also helps you not have to cook every night. Win-Win!

Bonus Tip: While you are at the dollar store picking up the serving dishes and tablecloths, pick up a few toys, coloring books, activity books, or sticker sets for the kiddos. They have quite a big selection of those types of things and they make the perfect (inexpensive) new toy to keep the kids occupied while you are making and serving dinner!