Gas Savings: Tips & Tricks

Do the current prices at the gas pump have you contemplating pulling out your old 10 speed bike buried deep in the back part of the garage?

If the thought has crossed your mind recently, I don’t think you would be alone as gas prices have increased drastically in the last few weeks, reaching a national average of $4.28 according to AAA national gas prices on Friday, March 18, 2022. The lowest areas are reporting just below $4.00 a gallon, where the highest areas are coming in near $6.00 a gallon.

With gas prices not looking like they will be decreasing anytime soon, here are a few cash saving things you can do to save you some dollars when it comes to paying at the pump.

Gas Buddy App

If you don’t already have this app downloaded, do it now. It shows all the local gas stations with their prices near you when you enter in your location. It also has a search feature which allows you to put in a future location to see what gas prices are there, to compare along the way. This is a great feature to use if you’re good on gas right now, but know you will need gas during, or at the end of your travel destination.

Grocery Stores Rewards Perks

Some grocery store chains have a loyalty card membership. And some of these memberships are paired with gas station chains. With this loyalty card, not only are you getting discounted rates on groceries at your local store, but you can also be saving on fuel by earning credits. All programs are different, but check out your local grocery store and see if their loyalty card can get you discounted gas somewhere. If a loyalty card can save you money on both groceries and gas, why not sign up for it?

Gas Station Rewards Perks

Similar to grocery stores, gas station chains have adapted the “loyalty card” mentality. By joining their membership program, you can save somewhere between 6-10 cents off each gallon of gas. The only draw back to this, sometimes that specific gas chain isn’t always on your travel route. However, if you pass a gas station that has one of these rewards programs in place on your way to work every day, it may not be a bad idea to stop in and ask some questions about the program. If you routinely get gas from that gas station chain weekly, that could be a huge yearly savings for you.

Pair Your Fill Up with A Car Wash

Again, gas stations have thought of another way to help you choose them over the neighboring gas station across the street. Need a car wash? Some gas stations have a program where if you purchase an automatic car wash with them at their facility, you can actually save 10-15 cents off each gallon of gas. To do this, make sure you fill-up BEFORE you get your car wash. The prompts on the screen will ask you if you’d like to purchase a car wash, then based on the level you pick dictates how much off each gallon of gas. *Hint* the more premium the car wash, the more savings for each gallon of gas you can receive. Once you are finished pumping your gas, you’ll get a receipt printed out with the car wash code on it. Sometimes the codes are good for several days so be sure to note that when you purchase the carwash. This is a nice feature for gas stations to offer. Especially if you need gas today, but don’t want your car washed today because it’s raining, but it is supposed to be a sunny day 3 days from now, here’s your sign to save money and buy the car wash package today. Just be sure to remember the code on the receipt and don’t throw it away.

Bulk Wholesalers Membership Only Programs

If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, you could be saving money at the pump. These bulk chain wholesalers have Members Only Gas stations at discounted rates. You have to use your membership card before you start pumping, or you will have to ask the friendly man driving the black Honda CR-V at the pump in front of you to borrow their card before you can start filling up. I do not speak from previous experience……

So, take a look around your area (using your newly downloaded Gas Buddy App), and see if there are any loyalty program associated with any of the gas stations near you. I bet there are some ways you can start saving on your gas budget today that you didn’t even know about!

Author: Lindsey Curry