Dave Ramsey's Thoughts on How the Coronavirus is Affecting the Economy

Last week, we shared a few articles that we have found to be helpful in understanding what is happening with the stock market. If you missed those, you can check them out here.

We want to continue to provide helpful information to you because we understand that it can be hard to know what to think about everything you are hearing in the media. 

If you turn the news on for any length of time, you will likely hear about the coronavirus. A virus can affect the economy in multiple ways and of course, one of those is seeing a stock market downturn. 

The article below by Dave Ramsey's team summarizes how a virus can affect the economy as well as what you can do and what it means for your money. 

You can read the artcile here:

Dave Ramsey: How Coronavirus is Affecting the Economy: What You Need to Know


This video by Chris Hogan has really helpful information as well:



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