A Sunny-Side Up Kind Of Breakfast

Afraid you’ll have corned beef leftover from St. Patrick’s Day and already dreading reheating it and trying to find sides? This St. Patrick’s Day, don’t get stuck in the habit of reheating and eating the same thing again; instead, plan on making something completely different - a Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast hash! The perfect hearty breakfast for the weekend.

Breakfast Hash

You're in luck if you’ve never made a breakfast hash. It is so simple, yet so delicious and filling. As many of these recipes have discussed – it’s a great way to use your leftovers and save on your grocery budget! The combinations are endless when it comes to a good breakfast hash. Most of the time, the hash base is sweet potatoes or gold potatoes, onions, and peppers, which are excellent sources of nutrients and flavor. Then add whatever breakfast meat you prefer– leftover corned beef (like we’re talking about here), bacon, sausage, or simply eggs. You’ll sauté it all in the same pan for less mess and easy cleanup!

Corned Beef Hash Recipe:

Serving Size: about 4-5

  • 1 Small Yellow Onion (Chopped)
  • 2-3 Cups Corned Beef (Chopped)
  • 1 Bell Pepper (Chopped)
  • 2-3 Cups Yellow Potatoes (Preboiled and Chopped)
  • Salt & Pepper

Heat 2-3 tablespoons of butter on medium heat in a skillet. Add onions and peppers to begin sauteing. Sauté until soft and onions are translucent. Add corned beef and potatoes to the pan and continue sauteing. Stir as needed until crispy. Add salt and pepper for taste. Serve with your eggs of choice.

Bon Appetite!


Author: Beth Anne Allen

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