5 Unique Ways To Save Money

As one of Dave Ramsey's Smartvestor Pros, you can imagine thtat we are passionate about helping people to achieve their money goals and be able to save more!

As we head into the New Year, it is typically a time that people start thinking about their money goals a little more. It's always a great time to find new ways to save more money. 

Maybe you are wanting to build your emergency fund or contribute more into your retirement accounts... either way, finding a few ways to cut back will add up fast!

5 Uniques Ways To Save Money

  • Shop Your Home & Auto Insurance.

Dave Ramsey recently shared an article about his #1 way to save money and the article talks about shopping your insurance with an independent agent. Independent insurance agents can shop among a bunch of different companies in order to find you the best rate. We work with some amazing insuarance agents here at Whitaker-Myers* who are all independent insurance agents and would love the opportunity to help you! 

  • Cancel Your Memberships and Subscriptions. 

This is a good time of year to pull out last year’s bank statements to look at what subscriptions and memberships you got charged for last year and never used. (Or didn’t use very much.) Audible, the gym, Amazon Prime… they are all great memberships to have, IF you are actually using them. If not, cancel it and save the money!

  • Detox Your Social Media and Inbox.

You might be subconsciously shopping only because you see that Target and Nordstrom are having amazing sales. Use Unroll.me to easily unsubscribe from those emails so you aren’t tempted by them anymore. Also, maybe you love following that fashion or beauty blogger on Instagram but you find that you “swipe up” and shop just a little too much. Un-follow for a little while to build your savings!

  • Make a List of Easy Go-To Meals. 

I hear all the time from people that they would like to save money by eating out less. This is a hard habit to break, I get it. Try this…Make a list of EASY go-to meals and make sure you have the ingredients in your house. Then, instead of heading to the drive thru on busy nights, make a quick and easy meal at home. You don’t have to be fancy… your easy go-to meals might include things like eggs, waffles, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, or frozen pizza. They might not necessarily be the healthiest options but the drive thru isn’t either!

  • Set Reminders. 

Did you realize you could use a new snow shovel or new Winter boots? Set a reminder to look for those in a couple months when they are putting them on sale to bring in Spring and Summer merchandise. What about those free trials you signed up for? Make sure you set a reminder in your phone to cancel those before you get charged.

We hope these ideas got you thinking of new ways to save money in 2020!

Happy New Year! 


*Insurance products offered through Whitaker-Myers Insurance Group and licensed agents.