Kelly Kranstuber

Facts over Fear for Finances

Here’s why the world is not ending financially…

There has been much talk recently about the world coming to an end financially. Whether it's the growing national debt, the stock market volatility, bank failure, or the economic downturns in various countries, there always seems to be some doom and gloom prediction about the state of the world's finances. However, despite these concerns, there are several reasons why the world is not ending financially.

Smart Investors Diversify

Growth, Growth & Income, Aggressive Growth, International & Mutual Funds…Why?

If you listen to Dave Ramsey enough you will have heard these four asset classes mentioned when he talks about investing. Dave stresses diversifying across these four asset classes and using mutual funds to diversify across many different companies. We could not agree more. In the article below I will define each of these and then discuss a few reasons why we do this.


Buyer Beware: Physical Gold and Other Precious Metal Commodities

Each morning when I get to my office the first thing, I do is tune the television to Fox Business. I’m not using Fox Business to provide any kind of research or decision-making; I simply use it as it is intended which is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Normally it is just background noise while I go about my day but I do occasionally tune in to my favorite show, Making Money with Charles Payne.

Company Stock: How Much is Too Much?

Working for a publicly traded company and having the opportunity to purchase company stock in your retirement plan has many benefits. Not only do you get to reap the benefits of your hard work but knowing you have a stake in the company directly leads to working harder and taking more pride in your work and pride in your company. Your company knows this; that is why they offer company stock in your retirement plan. Being proud of your work and company you work for is great but it often leads to biases that can be detrimental and sometimes catastrophic to retirement assets.

My Spouse Doesn't Work? How do I Save For Their Retirement?

This is a great question that I get quite often. Many married couples have one income earner in the family and in many circumstances, this can limit their ability to save in tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Let’s say a married couple in their early-40’s has one income earner making $190,000/year and they want to save 15% ($28,500) of their income for retirement. The working spouse has a company 401(k) as well as a Roth IRA.