John-Mark Young

Goodbye Poco - Lessons From My Sweet Dog!

Dave Ramsey has a rule at his office. The rule is simple: No gossip! If you’re caught gossiping once, it’s your free warning and pass, but get caught again, and you’re on the unemployment lines. Why does he create this rule? He knows humans; we tend to complain about processes, people, and programs! Humans can just let us down sometimes, right?

How To Be One Of The Happiest Retirees

Every year my family, including my siblings' families and my mom, take a week and head down to the beaches of South Carolina (Hilton Head, to be exact) and spend a week swimming, beaching, dining, exploring, and doing all the things that make a wonderful family vacation. One thing I enjoy is the relaxation of sitting in the pool, floating around, and reading a book I've wanted to get into but didn't hit the "must read" list during the year. This week, I went through a book titled, What The Happiest Retirees Know by Financial Advisor and author Wes Moss.

Bear Market Strategy: Tax Loss Harvesting

Starting my career in 2007 had its many blessings and challenges. I remember as we headed in the Great Financial Recession (“GFC”), I would be sitting in meetings with the experienced Financial Advisor I was teamed up with, and watching him handle a lot of hard conversations. Two things became clear to me throughout those hard first years: (1) My life verse as a Financial Advisor should be (Matthew 6:34) Therefore don’t be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.

Thankful For a Bear Market? Maybe You Should Be?

How many times can you think of something in your life that was painful but ultimately ended up being for your own good? One of the most quoted verses we recite to each other during times of hardship or worry, is Paul’s words to the Romans, divinely inspired by God, which says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28.

Ohio STRS Defined Contribution Plan: New Teachers Have Multiple Options

Have you ever made a decision in the past that, years and years later, you came to regret? I’m sure we all have. We work with teachers all over the country, but one conversation that continually happens with educators in Ohio is their frustration with the pension system that they’re under. In recent years the requirements to be able to retire with full benefits has changed, of course not in a good way.