Emergency Fund

Organizing your finances in 2023

New Year’s Resolution: 2023

When it comes to fresh starts, there is no better time than the start of a new year.  People are hopeful, excited, and have new energy to start the year strong.

This article aims to help organize, create a process, and ensure the correct actions are being taken. These actions will help one to thrive now, and in the future, and relieve an immense amount of stress.

Incorporating Series I Bonds - Emergency Fund & Cash Positions

If you are currently holding cash that is above the comfort of your emergency fund, you may be stuck in what is called “analysis paralysis”. That is, with extra money to invest, you are holding back as an investor due to uncertainties in markets. A volatile equities market and a low yielding bond market due to low interest rates can do that to you. So, you are keeping money in cash for the time being, all while we are dealing with the highest inflation numbers in 40 years.