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Your Client Portal Is Getting a Major Upgrade!

If you’re not getting better, you’re falling behind. Technology makes this statement even more true. In the last week of May and the first week of June 2023, we experienced this more than ever with stocks such as Nvidia, which is a leader in artificial intelligence semiconductor chips and Tesla, the next-generation car manufacturer, having tremendous gains!

All Things Emergency Funds

What is an Emergency Fund?

Let’s start with defining an emergency fund, which is simply money put into a liquid and accessible account to cover unbudgeted and unforeseen expenses. Many call these accounts “rainy-day funds” or “savings accounts,” but they all serve the same purpose. The two broad categories for accessing these funds would be a job loss/large pay cut or significant surprise expense(s).

Nine Things to Do if Your Identity is Stolen

What should I do if my identity is stolen?

Finding out that you are a victim of identity theft is very unnerving. You start having millions of questions, the first of which is likely, “What should I do now?”

If you have Identity Theft Protection, the first step is to file a claim with that company. If you don’t have identity theft protection, it might be worth calling a company to see if they can help you if you sign up now.

The Stock Market: Back to the Basics

As you can imagine, I’ve heard them all. Every story from everyone’s “in the know” uncle or someone who watched a Tucker Carlson special (by the way, I got nothing but love for Tucker other than his sensationalizing he MUST do for ratings) or the horror story from their neighbor. What specific story am I referencing? Stock Market projections. I can bet that at least once a day, I will hear someone tell me why the stock market will crash and never return. Yikes! Imagine my fear, considering mine and those of the 20 members of our team, depends on the growth of stocks over time.

When anxious and stressed about finances, find hope with Ramsey Solutions

Overwhelmed, but you're not alone

To say a lot is going on in the world right now seems like an understatement, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many people have a lot of fear and anxiety regarding their finances. The stats below from a recent Ramsey Solutions study confirm how many feel about these situations.

Most Americans feel similar about their finances

After a recent study by Ramsey Solutions, results showed it was common for many Americans to have similar feelings about the world around them and how it affected their bank account(s).