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Five Financial Moves to Make Before Having a Baby

We've got baby fever at Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers! Our excellent Financial Coach, Lindsey Curry, and her husband, Chris, welcomed their second baby girl into the world this last week. I lobbied for the naming of Jenny-Mark, after their favorite Smartvestor Pro; however, they made a more logical choice. Fidelity recently did a study that said the cost to raise a child in today's world is $233,610. Yikes!

Financial Planning: How Much Do I Need For Retirement?

Have you ever thought you had a goal nailed down? Exactly what you need to do, how long it’ll take, and when you’ll get there. Then as you work towards that goal, life happens, your desires adjust a bit, and now the plan is a little bit farther or closer than initially thought.  That’s commonly the way I think about the question, “how much do I need to retire”?

New Ramsey Personality: Eddie Culin

Who is Eddie Culin?

Ramsey Solutions has recently added a new personality host to their team for their live events and live streams!  Eddie Culin brings over twenty years of experience in stage hosting, team building, project management, coaching, content creation, and ministry to the Ramsey Solutions team. 

Bear Markets: Normal But Not Fun

Turn on CNBC, Fox Business or any other news media and you’re hearing a term that is never any fun and it’s … “bear market.” A bear market refers to when the market drops by 20% or more within a sustained period of time – typically two months or more. Another definition that is used to describe bear markets is when investors are more risk-adverse than risk-seeking. It has been a couple of years since we have seen a bear market which explains the reaction that has spurred from the current state of the market.

Whitaker-Myers Wealth Managers Market Update: May 2022

The year was 2007. I was a fresh, motivated young man. I was about a year and half away from finishing college and received a job offer with a super-regional bank, in their private banking group, that was going to push me towards my ultimate goal of becoming a Financial Planner. What could stop me, right? How about the entire financial world getting taken to its knees because of the mortgage crisis? The stock market making a nearly 50% drop, large national banks like Wachovia, Washington Mutual and Penny Mac becoming insolvent.