A Sunny-Side Up Kind Of Breakfast

Afraid you’ll have corned beef leftover from St. Patrick’s Day and already dreading reheating it and trying to find sides? This St. Patrick’s Day, don’t get stuck in the habit of reheating and eating the same thing again; instead, plan on making something completely different - a Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast hash! The perfect hearty breakfast for the weekend.

When anxious and stressed about finances, find hope with Ramsey Solutions

Overwhelmed, but you're not alone

To say a lot is going on in the world right now seems like an understatement, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many people have a lot of fear and anxiety regarding their finances. The stats below from a recent Ramsey Solutions study confirm how many feel about these situations.

Most Americans feel similar about their finances

After a recent study by Ramsey Solutions, results showed it was common for many Americans to have similar feelings about the world around them and how it affected their bank account(s).


What are habits, and why should I create them?

We all have habits that shape us and how we live our lives. Some of us may be early risers, slowly sipping the same morning cup of coffee each day, or some may barely grab that cup of coffee as we rush out the door to make it to work on time. While some habits are fleeting, others stay with us for our lifetime, both the good and the bad.

Finding additional income outside of your 9-5 job

I like my job but need more income; what should I do?

This is a common question during any period, but the continued high inflation environment is making this a more and more frequently asked question. In this article, we will share some suggestions on how to increase your income.

Do I, or do I not…like my job

We will start with the obvious option, if you don’t care for your job or are indifferent about it, then possibly the best solution to increasing income is getting a higher-paying job that fits your skill set.